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LIBRE chair



I love creating chairs. They are my opportunity to communicate in a sculptural form and have been very successful for me. I love the intimacy we have with them; how personal they are to us, and the way they can inform our emotions within spaces.


Inside the sculpture studio at Ralph Pucci, where fiberglass resin is a strong focus, I love working along with the sculptor using traditional techniques and using materials like cardboard and clay to bring my sketches alive. The LIBRE chair is now my fourth sculptural creation from the studio following my award-winning DEE coffee table.


LIBRE, meaning free in French, is a dialogue between forms, matter, and space. The void that exists between them and the resulting motionless movement that it creates is something I find fascinating. I appreciate how the base is anchored to the ground providing a sense of stability and yet at the same time, it plays with light to transform and transport the form, reminding me of the beautiful jali elements in Indian architecture and how they, too, play with space and light.


LIBRE makes no allusions to stops or edges in its forms, just as the human body sitting on a chair becomes one.

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